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Avast Software Premier License Key/File For Free 2018

Antivirus is a part of our computer to keep it safe. It helps to keep it free form threats of viruses and obviously unwanted visitors too.

Which antivirus do you use for your PC or laptop? The answer can be Avast.

Among so many options of the antivirus, Avast is one of the most commonly used ones.  But to get the license key of the antivirus we need to know some technique. Maybe you have searched a lot but haven’t found the right one.

I assure you that now you have entered into the right place. If getting the Avast premier License key is your aim, then yes we can help you.

Avast Software

Why I love the Avast software?

Let’s get a little bit about the antivirus Avast.

Avast antivirus is available for all kinds of operating systems like the windows, Android, iPhone, iPad and many more. To operate the antivirus you need to have the license key. This would allow activating the software and getting the different features and valuable articles about it.

As per the customer’s requirement, they are having three different versions. One is the pro antivirus, another one is for internet security and the last one is the Avast premier version.

The free version is offered to the user for a limited period. But the free version is not having all the features which are in the paid version. So to use the premier features, the best way to get the access is to buy the paid version. When you buy any kind of antivirus, each of them is having a serial key. This key is not available in the free version. These keys are being used for the activation of the antivirus and get it installed.

Let’s give you some more idea about Avast. It would help to get into its details.

Know Few Important Facts about Avast Premier Version:

Now I love the Avast Premier Antivirus which is quite a helpful one. Well, you may ask me why?

There are a few reasons behinds it:

  • The premier version is having the best and user-friendly user interface. What you can see is the good design which would surely attract you. The best part of this app is that they can give you everything without even reading the instruction. Even a non–technical person will be able to handle it well.

      It’s just only one click on the mouse. Your scanning has already started.

  • Well, Avast can be termed as the internet security antivirus. With the new version, you would get more advanced features. Here are some of the features that would surely be essential.
  1. It is entirely compatible with the various operating system especially the windows one.
  2. Well, you get the feature of browser clean up. It is integrated in the software
  3. Worried about the unknown threats?? Let’s stop it now. Because the entire care would be taken by the Avast now. So you don’t have anything to get worried about.

So it’s time to enjoy every browsing without the tension of getting attacked by threats and virus. Someone is there who is taking care of it.

Technical Requirement of the Avast Software:

Now let’s come to the main point of discussion. I have shared some of the technical requirement to have the antivirus. Check them:

OS Required Windows XP, vista, windows 7,8,8.1,10. Also, it requires a 64-bit operating system
RAM Required  1 GB is minimum
 Hard disk required a minimum of 2 GB

The download of the Avast antivirus is free. No cost is charged for it.

Steps to Download Avast Software for Free:

Here are the steps to download it and install it:

  1. At the inception, the latest version of the Avast premier antivirus has to be downloaded for the PC. While searching for the version, you would find many of them. So check whether the version is latest or not.
  2. Do the installation as per the instruction. After the installation finishes, open the setting tab of the app.
  3. Now open the Avast antivirus and the click on the settings.
  4. Go to the subscription option. There you can insert the license file or the activation code free.
  5. Then download the activation license file
  6. Go the downloaded file and click on it. There is an activate button. Again click on it.
  7. Well, the Avast premier antivirus is activated with this step. And it is activated for free too.

After all these steps are completed, you can successful get eth access to the premium features of the antivirus software. Hence the PC or the laptop will receive the protection from the antivirus.

Some useful license codes for Avast:

I have also shared some of the license keys which can be helpful in the registration:












You don’t nee dto check the updates:

The Avast version receives auto updates and so you don’t need to do it all by yourself. Hence when the new feature is added to the software, it would automatically get updated in your system too.

Now I will share a unique feature of the latest Avast version. The Ransomware shields protect the files from any kind of encryption. As we always be on the netbanking and other banking over the internet, so keeping everything safe is very essential. This would be now taken care by the Avast only. They would keep everything safe with their specialized tool. The cyber theft and hacking are easily avoided through this antivirus.

On the concluding para:

So here’s a lot of praise about the antivirus. I myself am a lover of this antivirus since a longer period of time.

Sharing the technique will help many, I know. But I would also request you that don’t ignore the matter of antivirus for your system. It is very essential in these days. Without such thing on your system and still using the internet, huge risk taken by you.

Don’t do it. It would keep the information and files in your system at stake. Keep them well protected even if they are not so much official. Protecting our system can also reduce the illegal tasks that are increasing day by day. Care for a better opportunity.

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