Saturday, 25 May 2019

Guide on Converting MP4 to DVD with Movavi Video Converter

Converting your MP4 videos into DVD format allows you to play these videos from your DVD disk. Once you have burned your MP4 videos to a DVD, you can insert the disk into a DVD player and watch it on your television. You require a video converter software such as Movavi Video Converter to convert the MP4 videos into a DVD format.


If you haven’t already downloaded Movavi Video Converter, you should download it now from the Movavi site. After downloading the software, you must launch it. You must click the Add Media button to load all your MP4 videos. If your MP4 videos are on the desktop, you can just drag them onto the open space. It only take a minute to load your MP4 videos into the software.

MovaviĀ  MP4 to DVD Converter lets you know the quality of the output video so that you can get an idea of the video quality. Movavi Video Converter includes Movavi Video Editor. Clicking on the Edit button will open the Movavi Video Editor where you can edit the video files.

The video editor offers a full range of video editing tools like scissor for trimming and splitting videos, rotating, and adding text to video. Audio track can be featured in your video with the use of the video editor. You can also merge multiple video files that are related to one another in the video editor.

For every opened video file, you will see a thumbnail of the video to the left. You can preview the opened video files in the video converter software by clicking the play button. On top of the video thumb, you will see the length of the video.

You can also know whether the converted DVD video file is larger or smaller than the original MP4 video file. The H.264 codec is used in the conversion process from MP4 to DVD.

The next step is to choose the DVD format under the Video Tab. You can use the back and next arrow to locate the DVD format which is identified with a DVD disk icon. When you select DVD, the output format field will immediately states DVD. You can click on the gearwheel button to configure the settings of the video format.

By default, it will save the converted videos next to the original files. However, this can make it hard for you to differentiate between the original and converted video files. To make it easier for you to find the video files, you can set it to save the video files to a separate folder on your computer. It is up to you to overwrite the original video files.

If you are just converting one video file, the conversion process should be completed instantly. The conversion process can last for several minutes if you load a large number of MP4 video files to convert them into DVD format at the same time.

The destination folder will open automatically when it finish converting all the video files. You should not open the video files when the conversion process is not yet completed.

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