Saturday, 25 May 2019
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How to Easily Convert Videos to Different Formats

As you probably know all too well, there are tons and tons of different formats of videos out there. That being said, most people normally don’t concern themselves with the format of their videos until they run into problems with compatibility or absolutely need their videos to be in a certain format (as is sometimes the case when uploading it onto a particular platform).


When that happens and you need to convert your videos – you may run into some stumbling blocks. Finding out what formats are compatible with particular devices or platforms can be difficult, and then converting your videos may involve several obtuse technical settings.

To skip past all that and easily convert your videos you could instead use Movavi Video Converter. It is a lightweight and easy to use video converter that will help you switch your videos between any formats under the sun. On top of that it includes hundreds of presets that will help you to automatically use the best video format and settings for any device or platform – including mobile devices and online video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

In short, you can opt to convert MOV to MP4 or any other format, or just select the preset for the device or platform that you intend to use. That should simplify the task of converting videos tremendously, and with the other features in Movavi Video Converter you’ll find that you’re also able to:

  • Convert audio and image files between formats.
  • Improve the quality of your videos.
  • Create animated GIFs out of video clips.
  • Grab the audio track from a video.
  • Trim and join various segments of video.
  • Snap screenshots directly from video frames.
  • Crop or rotate the video frame and orientation.
  • Place captions and watermarks in the form of customizable text.
  • Adjust and normalize the sound levels of your videos.

All said and done, the versatility of Movavi Video Converter and the features it brings to the table will make it a huge asset. It will help you to optimize your videos and ensure their compatibility while also preparing them for use in a host of other ways. Even if you don’t need to edit or improve your video using some of those features right now – having the option to do so in the future is never going to hurt and it will definitely prove useful at some stage.

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