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How to sync files and folders across two Computers

One of the most difficult aspects of owning multiple computers or pieces of mobile technology is keeping one’s files updated and synced. It can be all too easy to quickly make changes or additions to files while at work, only to find that the original copy is at home. This can be especially difficult for those making changes on the fly using laptops, tablet PCs, or smartphones. For those that would like to make this process easier, here is a look at a few of the most efficient ways to sync files without cables, CD backups, or memory keys.

sync files and folders across two Computers

For anyone that is currently using a computer running the Windows operating system, syncing multiple computers can be done with a single and free program. While this default program may not work on certain older styles of Windows, such as Vista, it works for all of the newest updates. First, the user must download Windows Sync on both of the computers directly through the Window’s website. With the newest update to this software, there are even options for use on computers running the Apple OS and many of the freeware counterparts.

Once the download is complete, the individual must then enter their Windows Live information. For those that do not have a Windows Live account, these accounts are completely free and only take a few moments and a valid email address to register. Once the account has been made, it will be active for a number of Window’s products ranging from Xbox Live to various default media players. Once the information has been given on both of these computers, a small icon will appear on the desktop of each computer. This icon is a notice that Windows Sync is currently live, but the computers must then be synced with one another.

In order to sync the two computers, the icon must be clicked and the user should go to options to find the other computer. The easiest manner in which to do this is by the computer’s name, often given when the computer is first registered. A more advanced option allows the user to search out other computers through their personal IP address. In order to sync files, one must then access the Windows Sync website at which point they will once again enter their Windows Live information.

This manner of syncing is completely free and only takes a few moments to setup. Users have a number of options ranging from automatic syncing to password protection and the use of encryption software. This is often one of the easiest and most affordable ways to share and save information across multiple platforms.

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