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Recent DDoS attacks 2015

DDoS attacks are the most deadly cyber-attacks by numerous infected machines which intentionally try to access a particular site. This leads to over flooding and pressure on the site causing inaccessibility and slow-down of the online services. It can incur losses of millions and damage reputation of the services and crumble the target host completely. There are various types of DDoS attacks and a few possible ways to mitigate the issue have also been labeled. However inspite of the mitigation process the year 2015 witnessed a steep rise on the count of DDoS attacks as compared to its previous years.

ddos attacks

The steep rise of DDoS Attacks in 2015

The year 2015 witnessed a colossal rise in the count of DDoS attacks which were powerful enough to crumble a “tier one router” completely. Most of the internet service providers uses tier one router and DDoS targeting it had triggered a grave situation. Also it has been found out from resources that USA and China have triggered DDoS attacks. USA holds responsibility of about 400 attacks while China accounts for nearly 360.

USA and China have also been held accountable for a high number of botnet attacks which was recorded to about 7 million by USA and around 6.3 million by China.

Percentage rise in DDoS attacks in 2015

Distributed denial of service (DDoS), had recorded the highest in the second quarter of the year 2015 where a staggering 132 percent rise was seen as compared to its previous year. There about 12 mega or most threatening attacks which came across frequently. The biggest DDoS attack recorded in 2015 lasted for more than 13 hours at 240 GBPS per second. This DDoS attack paralyzed the online servers and its services completely rendering it absolutely useless for nearly half a day. China accounts for the highest number of DDoS attacks initiated while USA continues to retain its position on second.

The various types of DDoS attacks which attack the host system slows down the online services and sometimes leads to complete inaccessibility. It has become of the most malicious and deadly cyber-crimes which is causing loss of millions and hampering reputation and finance. The year 2015 faced the maximum number of DDoS attacks and a few mega attacks too. The sites being completely paralyzed for a span of 13 hours during mega DDoS attack incurred losses of millions.

DDoS attacks getting powerful with time

Cyber-criminals have switched to the new ideas of DDoS attacks to trigger a fall in the business by slowing the online services on attacking the host system. Although the year 2015 witnessed the maximum number of DDoS attacks but several ways were laid down to mitigate and recover. The duration to recover from DDoS attacks is usually long since it crashes the complete system and exploits the operating system.

A sharp rise of about 132 percent in the count of DDoS attacks with duration of the attack being increased has broached the topic of some serious concern. Hence looking at the figures in 2015 it is important to deal with DDoS attacks in a more cautious way.

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