Saturday, 25 May 2019

SmartSpends -Your Personal Finance App

Managing your personal finance for better living can be very stressful for any individual or any business person. Collecting bills, adding and subtracting of all spending on paper or calculator can sometimes turn out to be the most hectic task you ever done in your life. Now, Times Internet has launched a personal finance app name ‘SmartSpends’ to helps users manage their expenses. This app is free to download and available on Android OS.


SmartSpends helps you taking control of all your personal finances without using any pen and paper or calculator. It is indeed an interactive application to keep track on your spending as well as explore the options to save money on every time you purchases anything.

SmartSpends app is a pack of multiple impressive tools for your convenience, these are-

  • Spends


This smart app feature automatically organizes all the spending into different categories such as travel, eating out, and entertainment by using algorithms that is saved in the text inbox of the user’s phone. It gives users a picture of all their expenses in one single place.

  • Investment


This smart app feature works like an investment guru by guiding you with the best mutual funds. SmartSpends get you all actionable insights on your portfolio by automatically tracking all your investments at one place.

  • Bills Calendar


SmartSpends bill calendar feature shows all your bills aggregated in one view. This app alerts users when their bills are due with their smart alert system and so save you from fine and penalty amount.

  • Offers


This personal finance app feature brings users with offers on their debit and credit cards. It also personalizes exciting deals and discounts offers based on the users’ spending behavior.

  • Card Suggest


Card Suggest is one interesting feature that advice you about which card should be used for which type of spends as well as remind you about offers on the respective cards.

  • FunFacts

By providing fun facts and insights about your spend patterns this feature of the app adds a fun element to your spends which can easily share on your social media accounts too.

This smart finance app is indeed a refreshing new way to get smarter with your money. It times to break free by managing your expenses in a more simple, more smart and more way by downloading this personal finance app SmartSpends.

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